Wednesday, November 5, 2008


   Genres: Drama
Released: November 7, 2008
Director: Declan Recks
Starring:Eileen Walsh, Aidan Kelly, Padraic Delaney

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Their tenth wedding anniversary rapidly approaching, a husband and wife from a small provincial town are forced to face the their marriage is in serious danger of dissolving in director Declan Recks' adaptation of Eugene O'Brien's deeply introspective stage play. Billy (Aiden Kelly) and Breda (Eileen Walsh) have been married for nearly a decade, and lately their relationship has taken on an air of suffocating monotony. They have two children together, though it would seem that starting a family has pushed them each further apart as opposed to bringing them closer together. Most nights, Billy can be found at the local pub, knocking drinks back with his buddies as Breda languishes in front of the television with the children. While Billy clings to both the bottle and his reputation as a local hero (he once saved a small child from drowning in the river) while getting lost in fantasies about an attractive younger woman, Breda does her best to remain optimistic about the future. She sees their upcoming anniversary as an ideal opportunity for them to start focusing on ways of improving their bleak situation, but as the big day draws near Billy and Breda's disparate desires begin to come into focus not just for each other, but themselves as well.

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