Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
Genre: Comedy
Released: February 8, 2008
Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Starring:Martin Lawrence, Louis C.K., James Earl Jones

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A single father who has just found success as the host of an outrageous television talk show begins to question his path in life when he returns home to attend his parent's 50th wedding anniversary party in the company of his famous fiancée - a reality television star - in this crisis-of-conscience comedy starring Martin Lawrence. RJ Stevens (Lawrence) is a television talk show sensation who has transcended his modest Southern beginnings to become the most popular self-help guru ever to grace the small screen. His show, "Team of Me" is a ratings juggernaut, his fiancée is a beautiful reality television star, and his pockets are always lined with large bills. There are few Tinseltown dreams that RJ hasn't already achieved, so when his parents announce their 50th Wedding Anniversary, the family-oriented television star immediately drops everything and sets his sights on Georgia. As a boy, RJ was always the target of ridicule within his family, but these days things are different; not only does RJ have a ten year old son, but his bride-to-be is admired by countless viewers all across the globe on a weekly basis. But RJ's egotistical west coast attitude simply doesn't fly in the south, and when his lovable but relentless family refuses to cut him any slack due to his current superstar status, he must finally pause and take stock of the man that he has become. Louis C.K., Cedric the Entertainer, Michael Clark Duncan, and James Earl Jones co-star in a southern-flavored family comedy written and directed by Malcolm D. Lee.

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