Friday, January 25, 2008

Untraceable 2008

   Genre: Action,Drama
Released: January 25, 2008
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Distributor: Sony/Screen Gems
Starring:Diane Lane, Colin Hanks, Billy Burke


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Faced with the most baffling and menacing case of her life, FBI agent and cybercop Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) must race against the clock to stop a deadly Internet predator in his tracks -- before more innocent lives are extinguished. So begins director Gregory Hoblit's (Primal Fear) heart-stopping thriller Untraceable. The psychopath at hand is far from an ordinary villain; a megalomaniacal showman with a flair for sadistic braggadocio and astonishing technical knowhow, his expertise makes it infinitely more difficult for Marsh to track him down. Marsh is assisted in her pursuit by a fellow agent (Colin Hanks), while a detective (Billy Burke) and Marsh's mom (Mary Beth Hurt) watch with great trepidation.

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